Thursday, May 1, 2008

Woodson - Thanks for the Memories | Atlanta Hawks Recap Game 5 in Boston

I settled in excited to watch how the Hawks would perform in Boston after thrilling games in Atlanta. Sure, they look as if they have absolutely no offensive scheme, but their athleticism and enthusiasm more than make up for it and, hey! they learned how to play defense!

What I watched last night was a group a very talented players with absolutely no direction, no sense of urgency, no plan to win the game. Not that they ever had a plan, but to come out not playing defense and not aggressive is just a coaching error.

Early on it was evident, Paul Pierce was going to be aggressive and take some shots, drive the lane and create. Josh Smith, a much more athletic player should have easily matched the intensity and I think the Celtics are still fearful of shooting in the paint, as evidenced by several of their missed shots there.

What is inexcusable outside of our offensive game is the lack of a defensive presence in the paint aside from Josh. I counted well over 12 points of uncontested layups and several more WIDE OPEN shots.

I doubt we would have won the game with the Celtics shooting it lights out like they were, but we could have been closer than that which would have made me feel so much better about a Game 7 should there be one.

One thing that gets me is that I love seeing Law out there out there but wh

It's time the Hawks take a page out of Michael Vick's book and start playing with the Rhythm of the game and stop letting their coaching stagger them.

  • Joe Johnson - Be Aggressive! Shooters shoot till they get on fire. Don't let coach pull you with 2 fouls.. you're too important! Just stay aggressive.
  • Josh Smith - Be Aggressive! No one can hang with you. Don't settle for jump shots if you aren't feeling it. You did great from the stripe! I'd love to see that every time. You should also be shutting down everything near the paint, period.
  • Mike Bibby - Sometimes you just need to pull yourself out of the game. Not sure what the deal is, but make that extra pass.
  • Marvin Williams - Again, be more aggressive. I have seen at least one play a game where you've shown me why you were drafted so high. One play! Let's see more.
  • Al Horford - Call for the ball! I'm loving your game.
  • Zaza - Not sure what to say, but if you aren't involved, then foul and foul hard.
  • Acie Law - Love your energy, stay agressive, you're the scorer that we need.
  • Josh Childress - WHY AREN'T YOU STARTING? I love the effort, keep it up.
Now I'm spent typing this stuff up, I'll be watching Game 6 if anyone has tickets let me know!

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