Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dunta was Dun Sold on Atlanta

I love this Yahoo! post about how Dunta was brought to Atlanta. Say whatever you want about Mr. Blank, but I'd work for him in a heart beat.

“I was brought in on Mr. Blank’s private jet,” Robinson said Monday, “and I was sold from that point on.”

“We want to create an environment where a player really wants to be here, not because of the contract, but because … of our culture, our coaching staff and the resources we make available,” Blank said. “It’s a credit to our organization that whom we would argue was the top cornerback available this year in free agency made only one stop.”

As much as I like these quotes, this is the best one:

After Smith espoused his ability to tackle, the coach said he was looking forward to the “DBs and receivers mixing it up in practice.”

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Coming Out of Retirement!

I got very complacent with the Atlanta Sports scene the last year and half and nothing excited me enough to want to share it with the 5 of you that have visited. Now I'm ready to go, the Braves have some exciting things going on but more importantly (imho) the Hawks look to be interesting and the Falcons are already filling gaps with the signing of Dunta.

Look for some changes this week!

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