Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pro-Bowl Got It Right

The Pro-Bowl is a popularity contest.  Just like our election, the pro-bowl is always right.

The public bases their opinion on stats.  So stats don't lie.... or do they.  Losing teams like Carolina play more defense.  They also have to throw the ball because they are behind and typically are going to face softer defenses that allow for stats but not big plays.

So while Greg Hardy from CAR looks like a beast on paper.. well he is.  However, it'd be a lot nicer to have a Defense Rating similar to a QB Rating that took into account snaps played, plays impacted, etc. ... I digress.

The only team I care about is the Falcons so, let's say they got it wrong.

Before anyone says it, statistically, all of these players except Thomas DeCoud are not "pro bowlers."

Pro Bowl Snubs -

  1. Roddy White - Top 3 receivers right now, Calvin, Roddy and Julio.  Just my opinion
  2. John Abraham - He's not leading in stats, but he's one of the scariest DE playing right now. 
  3. Thomas DeCoud - 6th overall in interceptions and has stepped is game up considerably!
Honorable Mentions
  1. William Moore - guy is still playing like a beast, stats or no. 
  2. Tyson Clabo - Totally underrated, but love this guy protecting Ryan.
  3. Jonathan Babineaux - This guy is a beast, he's playing all over the field and you can bank on him ending up in the highlight reel. 

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Not back from the Dead

Hello fellow Atlanta Fans!  I'm not back to blog about how questionable the strategy of letting Lofton go in favor of an injury prone player or how upset I'll be if the Hawks don't get something for Josh Smith (Sorry mr. Kaman you are not "something") or even how under rated Chipper Jones is... nope, just wanted to drop a line and say, I "see" all of you on Twitter and visiting the site despite the lack of updates and wanted to say thanks!

If there was any indication of what is going on in Atlanta Sports, just watch Atlanta Real Estate sales.

That is all -

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dunta was Dun Sold on Atlanta

I love this Yahoo! post about how Dunta was brought to Atlanta. Say whatever you want about Mr. Blank, but I'd work for him in a heart beat.

“I was brought in on Mr. Blank’s private jet,” Robinson said Monday, “and I was sold from that point on.”

“We want to create an environment where a player really wants to be here, not because of the contract, but because … of our culture, our coaching staff and the resources we make available,” Blank said. “It’s a credit to our organization that whom we would argue was the top cornerback available this year in free agency made only one stop.”

As much as I like these quotes, this is the best one:

After Smith espoused his ability to tackle, the coach said he was looking forward to the “DBs and receivers mixing it up in practice.”

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Coming Out of Retirement!

I got very complacent with the Atlanta Sports scene the last year and half and nothing excited me enough to want to share it with the 5 of you that have visited. Now I'm ready to go, the Braves have some exciting things going on but more importantly (imho) the Hawks look to be interesting and the Falcons are already filling gaps with the signing of Dunta.

Look for some changes this week!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Atlanta Hawks Former Cheerleader Turns To Porn

Apparently the Atlanta Hawks playoff run got more than just the fans excited. One cheerleader (Briana) decided to turn her excitement (and her lost job) into a career in porn. I'm sure that's what every proud Papa would want for their daughter. Hey, I'm not hear to judge. I did not do any searches but I assume that you can find whatever you might have came here for utilizing our friends at Google. Otherwise, you can head over the Atlanta Hawks website, since they are still proudly marketing Briana.

Psst - Note to Atlanta Spirit: If you fire someone you might want to remove their photos from your site... just a thought.

Then again it could just be a marketing ploy since the Hawks are number one and the Atlanta Fans still prefer to watch reruns of Seinfeld over going to the game. Then again, maybe families aren't interested in attending games where cheerleaders act like Briana. Hmmm

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Lebron To Atlanta?

A childhood fantasy? Not since Dominique has there been a legitimate GREAT player that might even consider playing for the hawks. One blog thinks this is a possibility and provides some great reasons why it might work.

The reasons I doubt it is the Ownership. Otherwise, I think Atlanta should be in the discussion. Joe is on his way out and he was never a go-to guy, he's a great compliment and would be outstanding on a team with a true point guard that can score or a big man to help him out. He a good player but not great.

Can you imagine? Josh Smith & Lebron James? That'd be a tandem that might not win many games, but sure would be fun to watch.

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Latest Falcons Team Report on Yahoo Looks As Bad As The Falcons Secondary!

If you visited the latest Falcons Team Report, you might have noticed that they are down on our secondary. In fact, apparently the Falcons were torched by Superbowl Quarterbacks Welcome & Manning. Of course, the Atlanta Falcons have also been lit up by the likes of Room & Braes.

But Manning was the just the latest star quarterback in the league to torch the Falcons’ secondary. The Falcons have been beaten by Tom Brady(notes)(277 yards passing), Tony Room (311), Drew Braes (308), Jake Welcome (195) and Eli Manning (a career-high 384). (Brady, Welcome and Manning have started in Super Bowls).
Surely, the author didn't intend to put Welcome (Delhomme) in with Brady & Manning. If this article is any indication, then it might be time to lower the expectations to just having a winning or .500 season.

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