Monday, May 12, 2008

More tomfoolery in Atlanta ....

Will Chipper hit .400?

Honestly, is this a real discussion. Is there no other news in Atlanta Sports? Is it a foregone conclusion that both the Hawks and the Falcons are the equivalent of expansion teams that there is absolutely no need to be writing about the exciting offseason that both will have?

Here's one really well thought out blog post about the insane.

Matt Ryan Is Already a Star?!
AP is to credit this blinding flash of the obvious. I was not able to attend Falcons Mini-camp so I am glad that AP has filled me in on the most important news of the day!

Vick still has fans in Atlanta, but Ryan’s No. 2 is the new attraction at the merchandise tent.
Really?! In Atlanta, first round draft picks are usually so boring, I can't imagine any other possibilities. I imagine that if we drafted Glenn Dorsey, no one would really be interested in his performance or jersey. Hmm.

As a side note, no offense to Brian Finneran, whom I am a big fan of, but is he the only guy available to comment on this "new face of the franchise?"

Cricket Sounds...
NBA front-office sources told's Marc Stein that former Philadelphia 76ers general manager Billy King will be a strong candidate to replace Knight with the Hawks
I have yet to hear of any potential replacement for Billy Knight except for the exacerbating option of the former 76ers GM, Billy King. It would only be true Hawks basketball if that were true. I'd prefer to keep our Billy than take their old one. Other than that rumor I have heard nothing about the Hawks (except for blogs that have lauded this fact).

I'm sending out resume' to the NBA. It seems that working in the NBA is like a government job. You don't actually have to be good at what you do, you just have to have the job and once you get the job you keep it for life.

Braves Almost Interesting?
Now that the Braves have had their 6 game winning streak snapped and the media is slating them to miss the playoffs (seriously, in May?), I'm interested to see if they do the ole' Cox "hang with them until the All Star break and then pull," away that was so common for 10 plus years.

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