Saturday, May 3, 2008


I love this picture, because, for once, the arrogant Boston crowd is actually having to take people from the South a bit more seriously.

It's more than game seven (which I hope the Atlanta Hawks can make competitive), it's more than Mike Bibby being right about their fans. We might have to overcome our coach, our owners, in some cases our franchises losing history, but for one night, there was no greater franchise on the planet than the Atlanta Hawks.

Marvin Williams stepped up pretty big, I'd love to see him get more aggressive because the team needs a scorer that can shoot and drive.

Not sure about his knee, but the Celtics disrespected him and he stepped up, big.


Easily, at the end of the series, Josh Childress, needs to be recognized. He's turned into a solid 6th man for the team and is much more effective in the game then many of our starters, night in and night out.

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