Saturday, May 24, 2008

Braves Get More Cox, For Another Year At Least

Braves get Cox for at least one more year.

Widely thought to be the last year for Cox something changed his mind.

"We were up in New York and he was looking at the new stadium out in left field and said, 'That will be cool to go there next year,'" Francoeur said. "Then I started thinking he would come back."

Wren was reported as saying as long as Cox wants to manage he'll always have a home here. Cox has similar sentiments about the Braves.

Cox has two seasons to rectify t
he image that he's the greatest regular season manager ever and one of the worst playoff managers. Cox owns a career record of 2,171-1,686 and his .563 career winning percentage ranks third all-time. His post-season record of 43 to 36 and a .544 winning percentage only include ONE world series, with over 15 Division series under your belt, you'd think there'd be more than one!

I like Bobby, sometimes I just wish he'd turn a different gear on in the postseason. Glad to see we don't have to start over next year.

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