Tuesday, May 13, 2008

$185,000 A Catch?! Joe Wants Out

Or $5 Million a Touchdown?

Joe you want out? Where on Earth are you going to get a better deal. Warm our bench, collect 2.5Mil and retire in obscurity.

"They're going with the younger guys and I don't have a problem with that, if that's the course they've chosen," Horn said. "I want to have an opportunity to play with a team that needs a veteran to play and contribute and who helps the young guys."
THIS JUST IN! If you can't break the Falcon's roster then... who are you going to play for?

The Falcons have gotten better value with Finneran the past two years (sidelined with an injury) than Horn.

"I'm not rocking the boat. The main reason I came here last year was for [owner] Arthur Blank. His character, his passion and the way he takes care of his people. I relish the opportunity to play here. I haven't talked to Mr. Blank but so far the way it seems, I think they want to go younger."
Yes, my boss thought I was keeping the boat steady last time I talked behind his back to the media.

If the Falcons trade Horn, sources report, that a space heater for the Locker Room has been the talks with various teams. Unfortunately, the teams interested in Horn are also asking for a third rounder to be packaged with Horn for the space heater. I think it's a good move, bring it home, Dimitroff.

I hope Arthur takes care of you, Mr. Horn, by giving you a pink slip.

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