Friday, October 23, 2009

Bobby, Matt & Joe still couldn't get me fired up...

It's been a while, looks like more than a year. I'm ready to jump back in the saddle and be as sarcastic as ever about my favorite sports team. Here's my take on my teams:

  • Atlanta Hawks - 2nd Round of the playoffs this year! We have pieces to get us there but still lack that key "go-to" guy for the shot. Sorry, Joe, you're great but you'll have to really elevate your game. Then again, it's a contract year.
  • Atlanta Falcons - 2nd Winning Season in a row! That's an accomplishment in it's own right. Our secondary is going to be a liability and our inability to stick with the run early in games will come back to bite us. I love the Falcons but I don't think they get past New Orleans in the playoffs.
  • Atlanta Braves - The pride before the fall! Frank Wren railroaded Francoer out of town and now Bobby Cox. Say what you want about Bobby, he's the best Regular Season coach on the planet. We have the pitching to take us far, but the attitude in the locker room is completely different.

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