Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Atlanta Hawks Former Cheerleader Turns To Porn

Apparently the Atlanta Hawks playoff run got more than just the fans excited. One cheerleader (Briana) decided to turn her excitement (and her lost job) into a career in porn. I'm sure that's what every proud Papa would want for their daughter. Hey, I'm not hear to judge. I did not do any searches but I assume that you can find whatever you might have came here for utilizing our friends at Google. Otherwise, you can head over the Atlanta Hawks website, since they are still proudly marketing Briana.

Psst - Note to Atlanta Spirit: If you fire someone you might want to remove their photos from your site... just a thought.

Then again it could just be a marketing ploy since the Hawks are number one and the Atlanta Fans still prefer to watch reruns of Seinfeld over going to the game. Then again, maybe families aren't interested in attending games where cheerleaders act like Briana. Hmmm

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Lebron To Atlanta?

A childhood fantasy? Not since Dominique has there been a legitimate GREAT player that might even consider playing for the hawks. One blog thinks this is a possibility and provides some great reasons why it might work.

The reasons I doubt it is the Ownership. Otherwise, I think Atlanta should be in the discussion. Joe is on his way out and he was never a go-to guy, he's a great compliment and would be outstanding on a team with a true point guard that can score or a big man to help him out. He a good player but not great.

Can you imagine? Josh Smith & Lebron James? That'd be a tandem that might not win many games, but sure would be fun to watch.

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Latest Falcons Team Report on Yahoo Looks As Bad As The Falcons Secondary!

If you visited the latest Falcons Team Report, you might have noticed that they are down on our secondary. In fact, apparently the Falcons were torched by Superbowl Quarterbacks Welcome & Manning. Of course, the Atlanta Falcons have also been lit up by the likes of Room & Braes.

But Manning was the just the latest star quarterback in the league to torch the Falcons’ secondary. The Falcons have been beaten by Tom Brady(notes)(277 yards passing), Tony Room (311), Drew Braes (308), Jake Welcome (195) and Eli Manning (a career-high 384). (Brady, Welcome and Manning have started in Super Bowls).
Surely, the author didn't intend to put Welcome (Delhomme) in with Brady & Manning. If this article is any indication, then it might be time to lower the expectations to just having a winning or .500 season.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Answer or The Question?

If you haven't been watching the Atlanta Falcons this year, then you might be like many of the Atlanta radio call ins asking "What's the deal with Matt Ryan?" He looks pretty much like a rookie out there, high throws, bad decisions, etc.

Last year, he was "The Answer," right now, he's a "Question" - it goes like this, "IF Matt plays well..."

As someone who has no authority, experience or education on the subject, much like most talk show hosts, I want everyone to remain calm. Matt is a hard worker and he's trying TOO hard. Notice where most of his high throws and interceptions come at in the games. Missed field goals, dropped passes, sacks, all occurred a play or two before each of his mistakes. It doesn't make it right, but if your kicker misses a field goal, it's at least understandable that you might bare down just a bit harder.

So go easy on Matt, remember this is year two.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Hawks Atop Power Rankings?

Love from the "news" organization that can't show a highlight without mentioning Boston, Cleveland or LA?

This seems almost surreal:

2009-10 Power Rankings: Week 3
1 (6)Hawks8-2After matching Cleveland's win in Orlando with their own breakthrough in Boston, it's time to toss it out there: How much more must the Hawks do before we all start saying that the East elite runs four teams deep?
2 (5)Nuggets7-3Can't emphasize enough how torn we were on whom to award the top spot, given how Denver has dealt with seven road games ... and J.R. Smith's seven-game suspension ... and what it just did to the Lakers.
3 (4)Suns9-2Excluding its two games against the teams that appeared in June's NBA Finals -- both on the second night of a back-to-back -- Phoenix is a pretty passable 9-0. And only four of those games were at home.
4 (1)Celtics8-3Seeing Cleveland lose two of its first four home games was disorienting. But seeing 3-happy Boston get swept on a Friday/Saturday back-to-back, capped by a 113-point pummeling in Indy, was just as staggering.
5 (2)Lakers7-3The Lakers, like their old pals from Boston, are faced with their first losing streak of the season. The view, though, is clearly more troubling for L.A., now that Kobe has his own groin injury to go with Pau's bad hammy.
6 (9)Cavaliers7-3Things change fast around here. One successful two-game swing through Florida and suddenly Cleveland -- after the supposed crisis of a 0-2 start -- is the only NBA heavyweight that can say last week was a good week.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's great to be a Falcons fans, because the orginization has leaders now, than ever before. From top to bottom. Say what you will about a business man owning a football franchise, I think any business man that does what good business people do (leveraging other folks talent and master delegation) can do the same thing with a Franchise.

When you think about it, how is football different than any other business. Coach Mike Smith:
Q. Did you do anything different to get Jonathan Babineaux free today?
A. “Jonathan was a man playing on a mission today. He had 10 tackles[sales] from the defensive tackle position. I thought Brain (VanGorder) and his staff, Ray Hamilton the Defensive Line Coach, continue to evaluate our guys and what their strengths are, and try to put them in situations where they can be successful. Babs just had one heck of a game today. We did some things different, just like each week. When we put our game plan together, our game plan is based on trying to put our guys in the most advantageous positions.”
What I love about this is that is what good business owners, coaches, and football people do, they put people in a position to make plays or succeed. I wouldn't take the top salesperson from a company and put him in a administrative position.

I just love the Falcons orginization now, and I think the way it is being run will keep fans for a long time. I love that we have a great business minded quarterback too!

Q: What is your opinion on the 5-3 record thus far in the season?
A: The important thing is that we’re in the mix. Now it is going to come down to how we play in November and December. These last two months are crucially important to our football team and we’re excited to take the challenge head on. Our goal is to make sure we win as many games as possible down the stretch.”

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fat Tuesday - The Day After Saints v Falcons

I'm not here to talk about Brees and Co. The simple fact, is that they have play makers on that side of the ball. If you watched the game there were balls thrown to covered players where the player simply made the play. In fact, the whole team was making plays. I'd even go as far to say that the Saints played AWFUL but had spectacular plays to stay in the game and eventually win it. As a side note it was so difficult to watch MNF. I need less Tireco and Brees butt kissing and more actual commentary on the game.

It was a great game to watch and enjoy but I have a few tidbits that I'd like to share. There are no moral victories, so "we played 'em close" just doesn't cut it for me. The game was well within reach and it came down to a handful of plays that should have been made that would have changed the game.
  1. Jason Elam - I like the idea of getting veteran kickers that are awesome guys and leaders, but it's time. If he makes one of those kicks, it's a different game.
  2. Michael Jenkins - You have to make that catch. It's 3rd down and the ball hits you in the hands. It was the one time I agreed with the announcers! Michael Jenkins has to step up!
  3. Matt Ryan - He's awesome and he's young, I like the guy. He was pressured, rushed and made some poor decisions. The pick 6 was bad enough, but I was more upset about the sacks than the INTs. He walked right into those when in at least 2 cases he could have pulled a "Ryan" and thrown it away.
You take away even one of those mistakes and the game might be...

Here's my positive notes...
  • Michael Turner looked like the beast again! It's time to give him the rock and ride it out. It almost looked like the Falcons had been saving up plays just for New Orleans... hmm.
  • Coy Wire - are you kidding me!? Get this guy in the game more. I love the effort.
  • Eric Weems - Why oh why did you let Adam Jennings keep you hidden for all these years?
  • Did you see Brian Finneran? The guy is tall, slow but is so much fun to watch him do the little things.

Tuesday Morning Coach
  • Why isn't Abraham on the field almost every play?
  • Wide Receiver and Running Back - we are surprisingly "shallow." Can Coy Wire play running back?
  • Can we tell Matt Ryan that he CAN'T throw to Tony anymore? Seriously, if Matt looks at Tony any harder, I would think he was interested in a serious relationship. Sorry guys.
  • I like our Defense actually, it should always be BLITZ and keep the ball in front, our secondary is pitiful.

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