Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Matt Ryan: Christian Laettner or Michael Jordan

Now that NBA basketball is relevant in Atlanta we have more to talk about, but really, Atlanta is a FOOTBALL town.

If you view the Atlanta Falcons message board there is much bickering over Matt Ryan. I have no doubt that he'll at least be a stable LEADER that this team needs.

The question is: Is he a Christian Laettner or a Michael Jordan?

Some players have been in big games and have come up big, ala Laettner. While other players have not only done the same thing, but elevated their team to a higher level and in some cases carried the team.

For better or worse, Mike Vick was a Michael Jordan type player. Once in a lifetime these players set onto the field or court and can change the game entirely. Obviously, Peyton and now Brady are two football examples. I think Ray Lewis is a stretch but could be put in this category. Adrian Peterson and Tomlison could be other examples.

Matt Ryan has done this at the collegiate level more than just the first Virginia Tech game. He did the same thing against a Jon Tenuda defense at Georgia Tech and Florida State. Of course, there is that other Va Tech game that he didn't do so hot in.

I agree with Dimitroff on this one, he has all the intangibles you want in a leader and is poised to lead the team. Then again, the same could be said for Joey Harrington...

Time will tell, but Matt Ryan has me on his bandwagon for right now.

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