Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who Would Be More Exciting Than Matt Ryan?

Excluding 2007, which QB were taken that would be more exciting than Matt Ryan out of college. You have to go all the way back to 2003 just to find 5 QBs that would be at least AS exciting as Matt Ryan.

2006 NFL Draft

  1. Vince Young - Can't get more exciting than this, so YES.
  2. Matt Leinart - Again, based on college experience alone, absolutely. YES
  3. Jay Cutler - Coming from Vanderbilt, his body of work just doesn't excite me the way Ryan's does. Vanderbilt is a whipping boy for a lot of teams, Boston College on the other hand does face some stiff defenses.
2005 NFL Draft
  1. Alex Smith - Coming from Utah with little to no competition and lack of experience in a pro-style offense, I really can't get jazzed up about him.
  2. Aaron Rodgers - Again, coming from California, Rodgers isn't going to excite me about his level of play.
  3. Jason Campbell - One great season does not a quarterback make, or does it. I like the fact that he did it in the SEC, so that's a plus, but it's a big stretch to say more exciting than Ryan.
2004 NFL Draft
  1. Eli Manning - He's a wild card for me. On one hand, I'm not impressed by his college resume in comparison to others, but he's Peyton's brother. In terms of excitement alone, I'd have to give it to him.
  2. Phillip Rivers - Based on his body of work at NC State, I'd have to say I'd be at least as excited about Rivers as I am about Ryan. Several awards and great games in college and he did it in the ACC.
  3. Ben Roethlisberger - As a college athlete, Ben just flies under the radar for me at Miami(OH). I'd feel the same about Joe Flacco this year.
  4. J.P. Losman - Uh, no.
2003 NFL Draft
  1. Carson Palmer - Anyone from a winning USC team would entice me just a bit. His career isn't as exciting as Leinart's to me, but I'd be fired up about him coming to Atlanta.
  2. Byron Leftwich - Marshall does nothing for me excitement-wise. Media talking about his big arm, might get me a little bit.... on second thought. NO.
  3. Kyle Boller - Again, the competition level that Kyle faced in college isn't on the same playing field. I'm not ready to give Cal any respect.
  4. Rex Grossman - In 2003 I'd be pretty fired up about an SEC Quarterback, even though I'm a Georgia Tech fan. In 2008, I'd be very disapointed because Grossman is the Brohm of this years draft in my opinion. A system QB.
Just for kicks

2002 NFL Draft
  1. David Carr - No
  2. Joey Harrington -No
  3. Patrick Ramsey - Is Tulane a school?

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