Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's great to be a Falcons fans, because the orginization has leaders now, than ever before. From top to bottom. Say what you will about a business man owning a football franchise, I think any business man that does what good business people do (leveraging other folks talent and master delegation) can do the same thing with a Franchise.

When you think about it, how is football different than any other business. Coach Mike Smith:
Q. Did you do anything different to get Jonathan Babineaux free today?
A. “Jonathan was a man playing on a mission today. He had 10 tackles[sales] from the defensive tackle position. I thought Brain (VanGorder) and his staff, Ray Hamilton the Defensive Line Coach, continue to evaluate our guys and what their strengths are, and try to put them in situations where they can be successful. Babs just had one heck of a game today. We did some things different, just like each week. When we put our game plan together, our game plan is based on trying to put our guys in the most advantageous positions.”
What I love about this is that is what good business owners, coaches, and football people do, they put people in a position to make plays or succeed. I wouldn't take the top salesperson from a company and put him in a administrative position.

I just love the Falcons orginization now, and I think the way it is being run will keep fans for a long time. I love that we have a great business minded quarterback too!

Q: What is your opinion on the 5-3 record thus far in the season?
A: The important thing is that we’re in the mix. Now it is going to come down to how we play in November and December. These last two months are crucially important to our football team and we’re excited to take the challenge head on. Our goal is to make sure we win as many games as possible down the stretch.”

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