Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fat Tuesday - The Day After Saints v Falcons

I'm not here to talk about Brees and Co. The simple fact, is that they have play makers on that side of the ball. If you watched the game there were balls thrown to covered players where the player simply made the play. In fact, the whole team was making plays. I'd even go as far to say that the Saints played AWFUL but had spectacular plays to stay in the game and eventually win it. As a side note it was so difficult to watch MNF. I need less Tireco and Brees butt kissing and more actual commentary on the game.

It was a great game to watch and enjoy but I have a few tidbits that I'd like to share. There are no moral victories, so "we played 'em close" just doesn't cut it for me. The game was well within reach and it came down to a handful of plays that should have been made that would have changed the game.
  1. Jason Elam - I like the idea of getting veteran kickers that are awesome guys and leaders, but it's time. If he makes one of those kicks, it's a different game.
  2. Michael Jenkins - You have to make that catch. It's 3rd down and the ball hits you in the hands. It was the one time I agreed with the announcers! Michael Jenkins has to step up!
  3. Matt Ryan - He's awesome and he's young, I like the guy. He was pressured, rushed and made some poor decisions. The pick 6 was bad enough, but I was more upset about the sacks than the INTs. He walked right into those when in at least 2 cases he could have pulled a "Ryan" and thrown it away.
You take away even one of those mistakes and the game might be...

Here's my positive notes...
  • Michael Turner looked like the beast again! It's time to give him the rock and ride it out. It almost looked like the Falcons had been saving up plays just for New Orleans... hmm.
  • Coy Wire - are you kidding me!? Get this guy in the game more. I love the effort.
  • Eric Weems - Why oh why did you let Adam Jennings keep you hidden for all these years?
  • Did you see Brian Finneran? The guy is tall, slow but is so much fun to watch him do the little things.

Tuesday Morning Coach
  • Why isn't Abraham on the field almost every play?
  • Wide Receiver and Running Back - we are surprisingly "shallow." Can Coy Wire play running back?
  • Can we tell Matt Ryan that he CAN'T throw to Tony anymore? Seriously, if Matt looks at Tony any harder, I would think he was interested in a serious relationship. Sorry guys.
  • I like our Defense actually, it should always be BLITZ and keep the ball in front, our secondary is pitiful.

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