Friday, November 20, 2009

The Answer or The Question?

If you haven't been watching the Atlanta Falcons this year, then you might be like many of the Atlanta radio call ins asking "What's the deal with Matt Ryan?" He looks pretty much like a rookie out there, high throws, bad decisions, etc.

Last year, he was "The Answer," right now, he's a "Question" - it goes like this, "IF Matt plays well..."

As someone who has no authority, experience or education on the subject, much like most talk show hosts, I want everyone to remain calm. Matt is a hard worker and he's trying TOO hard. Notice where most of his high throws and interceptions come at in the games. Missed field goals, dropped passes, sacks, all occurred a play or two before each of his mistakes. It doesn't make it right, but if your kicker misses a field goal, it's at least understandable that you might bare down just a bit harder.

So go easy on Matt, remember this is year two.

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