Monday, November 16, 2009

Hawks Atop Power Rankings?

Love from the "news" organization that can't show a highlight without mentioning Boston, Cleveland or LA?

This seems almost surreal:

2009-10 Power Rankings: Week 3
1 (6)Hawks8-2After matching Cleveland's win in Orlando with their own breakthrough in Boston, it's time to toss it out there: How much more must the Hawks do before we all start saying that the East elite runs four teams deep?
2 (5)Nuggets7-3Can't emphasize enough how torn we were on whom to award the top spot, given how Denver has dealt with seven road games ... and J.R. Smith's seven-game suspension ... and what it just did to the Lakers.
3 (4)Suns9-2Excluding its two games against the teams that appeared in June's NBA Finals -- both on the second night of a back-to-back -- Phoenix is a pretty passable 9-0. And only four of those games were at home.
4 (1)Celtics8-3Seeing Cleveland lose two of its first four home games was disorienting. But seeing 3-happy Boston get swept on a Friday/Saturday back-to-back, capped by a 113-point pummeling in Indy, was just as staggering.
5 (2)Lakers7-3The Lakers, like their old pals from Boston, are faced with their first losing streak of the season. The view, though, is clearly more troubling for L.A., now that Kobe has his own groin injury to go with Pau's bad hammy.
6 (9)Cavaliers7-3Things change fast around here. One successful two-game swing through Florida and suddenly Cleveland -- after the supposed crisis of a 0-2 start -- is the only NBA heavyweight that can say last week was a good week.

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