Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Atlanta Hawks Former Cheerleader Turns To Porn

Apparently the Atlanta Hawks playoff run got more than just the fans excited. One cheerleader (Briana) decided to turn her excitement (and her lost job) into a career in porn. I'm sure that's what every proud Papa would want for their daughter. Hey, I'm not hear to judge. I did not do any searches but I assume that you can find whatever you might have came here for utilizing our friends at Google. Otherwise, you can head over the Atlanta Hawks website, since they are still proudly marketing Briana.

Psst - Note to Atlanta Spirit: If you fire someone you might want to remove their photos from your site... just a thought.

Then again it could just be a marketing ploy since the Hawks are number one and the Atlanta Fans still prefer to watch reruns of Seinfeld over going to the game. Then again, maybe families aren't interested in attending games where cheerleaders act like Briana. Hmmm

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