Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Do Horn & Ledger Have In Common?

They both deserve an Oscar... *rimshot*

Horn was brought in to help the receiving corp. Everyone knows that, I guess except Horn. So instead of playing the season out he decided to be a baby. I really don't like to "hate" on a player so let's run down all the great things that Horn has done for the Falcons and the Game.


Since I have some space to fill, don't you agree that although you could compare Ledger's performance to Nicholson's - Ledger's was an edgier more human character. I don't think he reached Batman villain status, no I think he transcended the comic genre and turned into a believeable HUMAN character. THAT is the reason you give him an Oscar, not just because it's IN thing to do.

As for Horn wining the Oscar, I would say that because all the while he's telling us how professional he is he's going around pretending to be "hurt" and asking for a way out. The League has spoken, there's not a lot value there for you, sorry Mr. Horn. After a comment like, "I hope my kids grow up to be like Vick" I would say that you could join him in the new UFL

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