Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Fu - Detroit Pistons Are Shopping for Smiths

Detroit is
in the rumors of every site on the net for the NBA team and Josh Smith negotiations are on every site as well for almost every team.

I really hate to see him go. It's kind of funny or ironic though. The same reason I got into the NBA last season is now the same reason my interest is waning with the Hawks situation. Why do NBA players have to negotiate this way or better yet, why does MY TEAM have to be the one that makes history with disgruntled overpaid players.

Frank Wren went on the radio today to lie about not talking about Jeff Francuoer. Frenchy is not tradable in my book, sorry, if we're going to stick it out with some of these other players, then Frenchy needs to be the next "Chipper."

The Atlanta Falcons seem to be the lone "feel good" in the ATL right now. I'm gearing up to go see their scrimmage at Mill Creek High School.

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