Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saturday Night Recap: Falcons vs Colts

This was a sloppy defensive "struggle" or rather displayed two offenses that couldn't close the deal. Here's some observations:

  • Jamaal Anderson - Did he play? I mean, I saw him in the lineup and out on the field but, really? (*cough*BUST*cough)
  • Joey Harrington really reminded me of... .well Joey Harrington. He can do the job when given time, but he's not going to pull the game out for anyone. He's going to make a great backup QB one day.... oh, wait...
  • Matt Ryan - Still looks like the leader of this team. The INT was a silly mistake and he knows it, which is the good thing.
  • Chris Redman - Actually reminds me of Matt Ryan. He looks ok, but he's not going to get me excited about the Falcons.
  • DJ Shockley - Playing with 3rd stringers is bad enough, but his play on Saturday did nothing to excite me.
  • Brent Grimes - Where'd he come from? Kripton?
  • Adam Jennings - Why is this guy taking up space? Aren't we trying to go "green." That'd be one less jersey to be washed.
  • Michael Turner - Looked like the real deal there.
The Falcons failed to build on the great foundation that was put in Jacksonville.

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