Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Monday, Bad Monday?


With Saturday's pre-season game comes much optimism. In fact, I can't think of a time when a pre-season loss actually got me more excited.

QB Battles are sorting themselves out but more intriguing. There's some great surprises and bigger question marks.

  • Chris Redman - Reminds me of a poor man's Brian Griese. He won't LOSE a game for you but he'd not exactly going put THIS team over the hump.
  • Matt Ryan - Came out nervous and threw behind receivers. Other than that, he came as advertised. He DOES have something special.
  • Joey Harrington - "Whoa!" Right, I really like Joey but his play on the field reminds me of another Joey on a sitcom.
  • DJ Shockley - I was impressed. He was throwing to 2 receivers that need to be cut immediately (Jennings & Weems) and had the best throws of the night. I'd love the rotation to be Redman or Ryan, backed up by DJ.
  • Brent Grimes - D'Hall who? He really looked like an upgrade over Dhall, but it's still preseason.
  • Snelling vs. Brown - I really have to cross my fingers and hope that we can keep both of these guys.
  • Michael Turner - As advertised.
  • Falcons Offense - I didn't see that smash mouth football they were talking about but it seemed like a good evaluation of the QBs.
  • Falcons Defense - Glad we had some good surprises in the secondary, because it doesn't look like we'll stop the run too much this year.

Finally got Josh Smith back in uniform and he got paid. I'm in negotiations daily in my job, so I understand the process, but... really, did it have to go down like this?


The prospects are getting playing time and Baseball has basically lost all meaning. Oh, Hampton got a win after 3 years of waiting. Good for him.

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