Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Year Ago...

The Atlanta Falcons have come a long way, but there are some unsung heroes of the team and some stories you might have missed. One year ago (actually some of these go MANY years back)....

  • Michael Jenkins was a bust and the Falcons receiving core was a disaster.
  • The offensive line couldn't block... well, me even. As one analyst says, "they were a turnstile."
  • Last Year, the offensive line had Wiener and McClure and a bunch of no-names.
  • Lawyer Malloy & Keith Brooking were already wondering who stole their food from the retirement home. Their play on the field looked "OLD"
  • With no offensive line, Warrick Dunn couldn't make the moves that he had left.
  • Our Kicker was older than most of the owners in the NFL
  • Every game required the obligatory MV reference.
  • It was tough to be a Falcon fan... Falcon Fans got sympathy
  • The Falcons are near the league leaders in caught balls (or dead last in Dropped passes)
  • Roddy is a pro-bowler and Michael Jenkins has turned into an excellent deep threat and possession receiver.
  • The offensive line is nasty and frankly almost a strength.
  • The offensive line has Wiener and McClure and a bunch of no names.
  • Lawyer Malloy is playing very well and Keith Brooking is not back to probowl form, but definitely making his presence felt.
  • Michael Turner doesn't need to juke, he just runs over the defense.
  • Our kicker is now only older than everyone on the team
  • Every game almost requires MV - P discussions for Michael Turner and Matt Ryan
  • It's great to be a Falcon Fan!

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Pete said...

Hi, nice blog. Wanna exchange links? Thks

Jeremy said...

You couldn't have put that any better man... I'm proud to be a Falcons fan again