Sunday, December 21, 2008

Playoffs!!!!! Falcons Defeat The Vikings

In what is possibly the second worst performance of the year by young Matt Ryan, he showed why he has that special "it" factor. He didn't fill up the stat sheet. He didn't do anything spectacular. No, he just was a MAN and lead a team. He also didn't make any mistakes. He played as if the game was just a game.

Compare that to the opposing team and you're getting an opposite response. I'm so excited we're in the playoffs that instead of finishing this post, I'm going to point out a few things I really liked about the broadcast.

  • Brian Billick does a great job! I didn't like him as a coach, but as a commentator he's excellent. The next John Madden... shhh, don't tell anyone.
  • Matt Ryan is the Alternate for the NFC - WOOT! I didn't know.
  • Falcons are 4th overall in 3rd down conversions.
  • Coming into the game the Falcons were giving the ball up way too much. I think we're in the plus column now.
  • Playoffs!? - So much for rebuilding. Too bad a certain tight end isn't still here. Here's hoping we get to meet him early next year. Wink, Wink!
Lawyer Malloy is playing like a stud and had a great argument for Matt Ryan to be MVP! I may write about it this week.

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