Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Falcons Fans Disapointed With Playoff Loss To Giants

December 02, 2008

Take a moment to look in a crystal ball w/ the current playoff scenario and it's not too hard to imagine an Atlanta Falcon team going all the way to the game before the game. One look at the standings and the Atlanta Falcons are in. Who's out? Notably the Patriots. However, they're on the "other" side of the board.

The Atlanta Falcons have some tough games up ahead, but the prize is theirs (or ours) to have.

What's sad is the state of fandom in Atlanta. Sure we'll get some bandwagon riders as we head into the playoffs, but what will be annoying is the monday morning QB-ing after a loss in the playoffs. This was supposed to be a re-building year. So all the wins are gravy for me!

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ce's geekbook said...

Cool blog. Don't hate me but more of a Blue and Orange fan.. and more of a geek than a sports fan.

Found your site through another blog list would you be interseted in exchanging links?

you would have back-links (better PR) on these sites. you can either contact me via email listed on the first blog or just leave a comment