Monday, July 28, 2008

Optimism Prevails For Everyone But Local Media

The number one story out of Atlanta is a complete non-story. When was the last time you read a "news" story about the non-mention of someone? I can think of a few times, but why on Earth would an organization bring up anything about a season so "unlucky" that it has to be one of the worst series of events known to an NFL Franchise ... EVER (or as we say in the South, Eva).

So on all the local papers on Sunday, the day after the first day of practice, the first day full of energy and optimism and discussions of WINNING FOOTBALL even if it means we are scratching and fighting for extra wins, it means we are winning, a day after Mike Smith, Thomas Dimitroff and the rest of the entire Atlanta Falcons are breathing a collective sigh of relief that the process is working, the Associated Press releases an article about there being no mention of a certain someone as if it is news.

Well this fan is excited and I'm not looking back and some coward who's signed 20 years of contracts in the past 4 or a kid who never was smart enough to get out of the thug life. What am I excited about?


How great is it that we have this guy? Well, let me tell you from my perspective that last season was a huge blessing. As my Grandma would say, it's a backward blessing. Mainly, we now can appreciate having a real MAN as a coach for this team, one that is stern yet friendly, one that understands the process and although he might not know where to stand on the field, he knows how to put players in position to win. This guy does not look like he will run with the pigs, or freak out if one of his players makes some bad choices.

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