Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday FU - Chilly Reaction, AJC Plays the Race Card, Again, and the Braves are in it?

Friday FU (Follow Up) for July 25th, 2008

Chilly Reaction

Josh Childress is gone and in the aftermath, who can blame him. He's a low level player wanting big bucks. Not sure if bought into the fact that he was drafted 6th by possibly the worst drafter in the history of the NBA, but it's a moot point. The Hawks couldn't throw that kind of money at him.

Sure, I'm upset he's gone or that he doesn't love Atlanta enough to stay, but face the facts. If the Spirit put an offer for him that he accepted we'd have the most overpaid player for the 2008 season. Sorry, a 6th man on a sub .500 team simply isn't worth that.
AJC plays the Race Card
I'm over here looking for something to write about my Falcons and come across some articles. One talking about Horn showing up to camp (who cares), one about Martrez Milner (that one is a feel good, but pointless), another one about Sam "Stubby Arms" Baker & Curtis "Most Likely To Appear on 'Cops' " Lofton potential for holding out (sleeper) and finally one about Black QB's who are out of work and want to blame race by the AJC.

Really?! Seriously, this is the reason why I don't subscribe to the AJC in the first place, it's worthless race baiting talk. Jobless QB's are being discriminated against? OK, I'll play along, who is getting discriminated against?

  • Byron Leftwich - Um, has he ever played a full season? He blew his free pass due to Petrino when he got hurt, again. Sorry, league minimum or not, I can't put my teams hopes on the shoulders of someone who can't take a hit.
  • Daunte Culpepper - This one is almost there. I rank him right under a Trent Green, Jeff George comeback kid. He had a great game for a team that didn't do anything last year. He's worth the minimum, but word on the street is that he wants to play. Sorry, there's only a handful of jobs, and frankly, we've seen what you can do (and what you can't)
  • Quinn Gray - OK, this must be the writer's cousin or something. Who is Quinn Gray, Really?! Do a google on him and get this photo of the cheerleader. Oh yeah, he went threw for 54 yards and 2 picks in a game last year. Bring 'im home Dimitroff!
  • Shaun King - Hey, if the article was just about him, I'd agree wholeheartedly. All he did was run a good ship for the Bucs into the playoffs and what did he get in return... Fired. Of course, it doesn't help that he can barely see over the steering wheel let alone a 6'5" 300 LB lineman.
  • Aaron Brooks - Really?! Are you serious. The comparison is that the there are scrubs that happen to be white that are getting jobs over proven failures. The key here is that these scrubs don't mind doing the dirty work for the job. Sorry Aaron, you'll get no love here.
Bottomline is that these guys all want to be starters and they have proven that they don't have the skillset for the job. Two are injury prone, one is a bonafide bust, one is too short for the NFL (and on that he IS getting discriminated against) and one will be lucky if he's the answer of some obscure trivia question.

Braves Are In it?
Although Cox is the master of the 2nd Half, he might have the magic to pull out this season. With 60 or so games left and 24 of those against the 3 teams ahead of them the Braves will have to win almost every game down the stretch to even have a shot. So will Texeira stay or go. I wish they'd get off the fence and say, Yes we will compete or no, let's get ready for next season. Time will tell.

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