Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday FU: 7.18 - Cox the Master of the 2nd Half | Mr. Smith comes home | First Round Fantasy: Norwood

July 18th, 2008

Cox Owns The Seocond Half
As we begin the second half of the season with a 6.5 game deficit there are two thoughts that run through my mind.

First, that if I could have anyone in the dugout to play the nearly perfect second half, it'd be Cox. Say what you will about his post-season record or slow starts to a season, COX OWNS THE SECOND HALF.

Second, Cox has been giving up ground for the past several years. I hope 6.5 seems like enough of a challenge.
Every season the AM talk shows will be dumping on the Braves chances and talking about re-tooling and every season (except one) they are proven wrong. Well, my hope is that this season isn't a wash and if we have any shot at the playoffs, it's going to be Cox that makes the difference not a new acquisition. Keep Texeira by the way.

Mr. Smith Comes Home?
Now that the 76ers have their Brand new team and the Clippers have made their Marc (OK, I know that's REALLY BAD), it'll be interesting to see what Josh Smith signs for. Sund has called the bluffs and no one really wanted to go head to head with Sund, or rather a shaky ownership group that might not have actually matched the offer.

Until ownership gets on the same page, we'll never be able to fully commit to the team, but I love the prospect of our first 6 players coming into this year. Mike Bibby, Joe Johnson, (Space Taking Center), Josh Smith, Al Horford, Josh Childress.... Notice that this hasn't changed from last year. Sure the Hawks didn't get any new pieces, and sure it wasn't intentional. But it's exactly what the Hawks need, stability. What other team should have their same starting group intact and not have to worry about "gelling" the first half of the season. I predict the Hawks to make the playoffs again, albeit as an 8th or possibly a 7th seed.

First Round Fantasy Talent: Jerious Norwood
If you're a betting man, then I suggest you sneak Norwood out of the first or early rounds. The guy is a touch down miracle man. He'll get less touches than Turner, but the coaches don't seem to be as dense as the previous regime, so I expect Norwood to get a few more touches. Really, that's all he needs to get his. He'll average almost a 100 yards culmative and at least a TD every Sunday this year.

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