Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Childress Is Not A Competitor

I know, really I do. The Spirit is really to blame for all of this. Their impotence and confusion is likely handicapping Sund from actually signing the two Josh's. It's still no excuse.

Josh Smith's excursion to Philly then to L.A. makes sense. I doubt he's actually going to go anywhere, but he's got to make the play to get paid. Good for him. If he applied himself for 4 quarters they'd be talking about him, the way they do Wade and Lebron. Really.

Josh Childress, to actually consider going to Greece to play. Really?! It tells me that this kid is no competitor. The greatest players and athletes in the WORLD are in the NBA. They're great players in Europe, but the BEST are in the NBA. True competitors with heart, want to play the best. Ask any kid in the last few decades who they scored that game winning buzzer beater over... Jordan... who is it now? Lebron, Kobe maybe Garnett or Pierce.

Bottomline, flaking out to the Europe league might make some financial sense, but this is a "BS" answer. Childress is simply being a baby because he's a 6th man in this league and instead of working on his game enough to himself into the starting lineup he figures he'll go to Europe where he will be starter then come back a few years later and hope that some team will insert them into their lineup. Fat chance.

Hey Sund! You're a master of trades and free agents, rumor is Josh wants a sign and trade... can't we oblige?... What's that?! No trade value.... Hmmmm

I appreciated the hustle and your game in the playoffs. Your true colors are starting to show - was that an anomaly? Either sit back down and wait your turn and be quiet or go play in Europe. With that attitude no one in Atlanta would want to watch you play anyway.

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