Friday, June 13, 2008

Heee's Back! 2 Year Deal Reportedly

This morning one Atlanta sports franchise has some news of stability. The AJC reports that sources close to the organization have offerred Mike Woodson a 2 year deal. No one was available for comment, except this blogger.

I suppose winning 3 home games against what appears to be the NBA champions warrants another look, however, with a 28% winning percentage, it's a tough sell, especially when Avery Johnson, Saunders and others are available.

On the plus side, Sund won't have to mess up the draft since we don't have a pick and he can do what he does best, which is free agency and negotiatons. It also means that the core nucleus will at least buy into what the coach is trying to do next year. So now that I'm winding down I guess 2 years is a good test to see if Woody is the real deal or not.

The next big question is whether we can keep both Joshs.

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