Monday, June 16, 2008

Am I The Only One Rooting For Rocco?

I'm writing this with no knowledge of what is going on currently in the Playoff with Tiger and Rocco, but am I wrong to be cheering for Rocco?

ESPN has all but handed the trophy to Tiger while throwing Rocco under the bus. Local Radio, 790 the zone, has done the same... and even called this guy the "every man." Yet, they still root for Tiger.

Sorry, Tiger. I do really think you're great for golf and would love to meet you, but I'm rooting for Rocco.

Rocco is a great golfer by "every man" standards, but he's everything Tiger is not. He's personable, and surprisingly honest. He doesn't play with arrogance.

Everyone loves Tiger for his come from behind victories, but let's face it, the guy is so arrogant that he doesn't even start playing until he is behind. Now I won't argue that he's the greatest golfer we've ever seen, but at the same time a loss here or there would be great.

In fact, I think Tiger has reached a climax of sort for his career in Golf. At first, everyone loved him for his winning, much like Michael Jordan. Now I see him changing to a more of the "Yankees" of golf. (At least in the ATL, we HATE the Yankees) I now will watch golf events with more fervor because I will be rooting against him! Yes, the man so responsible for golf's resurgence will likely save golf again (after news of slumping interest) but now instead of the champion and hero, he will wear the title of VILLAIN.

I won't call it a hurricane vs a june bug then go on to say it's june like on ESPN analyst, but I will say it's like David and Goliath. Sorry Tiger, you're Goliath... and in my BOOK, you lose this one.

Again, Tiger - Great guy (debatable), great golfer, nothing really wrong with him, but I'd just rather see someone else.

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