Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finneran Among Training Camp Attendees and Question Marks

As the AJC reported earlier today, Brian Finneran has made it past the OTAs and is on to training camp. It's a great story and he's a great guy on all accounts.

Here's some other questions and fodder while we wait for Training Camp?

  1. Doug Datish was released yesterday after sitting all of his rookie year on IR.
  2. Good Riddance to Crumpler, especially after this comment:
    "I love those fans in Atlanta. The situation that was last season, I'm just glad it's over with and I'm glad I have a fresh start somewhere else. I ... sure don't want to be there right now," said Crumpler, a four-time Pro Bowler.
  3. DJ Shockley is still on the roster and in an interview on 790 the zone, Shockley was being compared to Jamarcus Russell among others. Most of the Atlanta fans feel the same way. so the bigger question is....
  4. What to do about Joey Harrington? It's almost like he gets to stay on the roster because he's a great guy and likely got a raw deal. He may be the only KNOWN talent Not to mention...
  5. The Falcons have questions all over the QB position. Unproven talent in Ryan and Shockley and a bit of breath holding on Redman... will the real QB please stand up?
  6. What are the Falcons going to do about their D-line?
  7. Will Boley return to last year's form or better yet...
  8. What does Brooking have left?
  9. Why is Adam Jennings taking up a roster spot?
  10. Log jam at Running Back? Turner, Norwood, Snelling, Brown, and Brittingham?
  11. Horn... What he's still here?
  12. How's our D-back situation 12 Years TOTAL experience out of 8 guys listed at cornerback. (starting cornerbacks look to have a combined experience of 1 year)
I really could do this all day.

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