Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Tale of Two Halves - God's Team Won (GT vs UGA)

It might be a bit over the top but when you have a team led by Joshua, with a coach named Paul you know something has to be good right. Think about some other pieces such as Michael and Jonathan, and you know the team is heading right.

I think the final straw for me to even write about this was when it was revealed to me that Georgia Tech's mascot is in the Bible and of course, there is no "DAWG" in the Bible.

My take on the game is short and sweet. UGA got out coached. Mark Richt is the ONLY thing I like about Georgia. He seems like a great coach. However, when you go into the locker room at half time up by 16 points -- after playing one of your best halves of football EVER... you can't let the opposing team tie you in less than 5 minutes. Penalties, turnover and coaching cost the Dawgs the game.

Oh, and I think they might have had some extra blessings!

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Steve said...

this is perhaps this greatest delusion related to the bible I've ever seen.

Here's a clue. God doesn't care about sports, nor does God care about the stupid little book written by a bunch of guys wearing cloaks. Get over yourselves

- Jarvis said...


Thank you so much for your post. I hope you won't mind if I call you UGA fan.

Here's a list, since I'm assuming you are a UGA fan, I'm also assuming that you are a bit slow.

1. I'm a Christian first, before anything else. God doesn't care about sports, he's not a respecter of persons in that regard. If this offends you, then we can have a discussion and I will gladly remove it but...
2. It's a joke. If you went to a college that has a rivalry surely you tell jokes. Here's a joke, "God obviously has a sense of humor... he created UGA fans"
3. I don't recall ever mentioning a book about guys wearing cloaks, sounds like you might, Mr. Potter, but I'd never point our your speck when I have a log.

This was a post in fun and wasn't meant to be taken literal.