Saturday, November 8, 2008

Are The Hawks For Real? Opponents Don't Think So

For 4 straight games the Hawks have added a W in their column and for four straight games opponents have said they are off their game.

“There was just nothing we could do to stop them,” said Raptors coach Sam Mitchell. “We just couldn’t guard them tonight. Almost everybody was off. It happens.”

“They were more aggressive, more physical,” Hornets coach Byron Scott said. “They took liberties against us and we took a step back because we accepted it.”

“The way we finished the game was really disappointing,” 76ers coach Maurice Cheeks said.

“Atlanta played a lot harder,” Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy said. “They played like they really, really wanted to win it. We just showed up, I guess just thinking it would happen if we walked out there.”

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JB in ATL said...

Make that six in a row. I think they ARE for real.

Go Hawks!

- Jarvis said...

They look real! Horford is such a stud! I just love how they quote the players or the opposing coach. It's not, "WHOA, The Hawks outplayed us." It's "Whoa, we had an off night."