Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pro-Bowl Got It Right

The Pro-Bowl is a popularity contest.  Just like our election, the pro-bowl is always right.

The public bases their opinion on stats.  So stats don't lie.... or do they.  Losing teams like Carolina play more defense.  They also have to throw the ball because they are behind and typically are going to face softer defenses that allow for stats but not big plays.

So while Greg Hardy from CAR looks like a beast on paper.. well he is.  However, it'd be a lot nicer to have a Defense Rating similar to a QB Rating that took into account snaps played, plays impacted, etc. ... I digress.

The only team I care about is the Falcons so, let's say they got it wrong.

Before anyone says it, statistically, all of these players except Thomas DeCoud are not "pro bowlers."

Pro Bowl Snubs -

  1. Roddy White - Top 3 receivers right now, Calvin, Roddy and Julio.  Just my opinion
  2. John Abraham - He's not leading in stats, but he's one of the scariest DE playing right now. 
  3. Thomas DeCoud - 6th overall in interceptions and has stepped is game up considerably!
Honorable Mentions
  1. William Moore - guy is still playing like a beast, stats or no. 
  2. Tyson Clabo - Totally underrated, but love this guy protecting Ryan.
  3. Jonathan Babineaux - This guy is a beast, he's playing all over the field and you can bank on him ending up in the highlight reel. 

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