Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dunta was Dun Sold on Atlanta

I love this Yahoo! post about how Dunta was brought to Atlanta. Say whatever you want about Mr. Blank, but I'd work for him in a heart beat.

“I was brought in on Mr. Blank’s private jet,” Robinson said Monday, “and I was sold from that point on.”

“We want to create an environment where a player really wants to be here, not because of the contract, but because … of our culture, our coaching staff and the resources we make available,” Blank said. “It’s a credit to our organization that whom we would argue was the top cornerback available this year in free agency made only one stop.”

As much as I like these quotes, this is the best one:

After Smith espoused his ability to tackle, the coach said he was looking forward to the “DBs and receivers mixing it up in practice.”

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