Friday, October 17, 2008

Who'd a Thunk It?

Optimism in Atlanta? Really. The whole reason I haven't posted in a while is that there is very little drama in Atlanta sports. Sure, the Atlanta Hawks are the NBA's whipping boy for players going to Greece and yeah, they picked some guys playing pick up games at the Run n shoot, but you know, the look pretty good in Pre-Season. Even though Yahoo! thinks that they will suck, I for one will be rooting for them.

.. and the Falcons. Are you kidding me? Amazing what a Coach and an accurate passer can do for a team. Not to mention a HUGE Tackle. That's the piece they've been missing all these years. Sure it was really cute when Alex Gibbs was here to take out opposing teams knees, but even I can take on a 250 tackle. Goodness, Jamaal Anderson would have 10 sacks against an Alex Gibbs oline playing the power running game.

Again, there is at least one moment in every game that I destroy my remote even further, but a win is a win, we'll give the rookie coach a pass for believing Roddy White caught that bounced ball.

... and yes the Braves! I'm so happy that the Yankees fell short of winning 15 seasons. That'll be ours. Of course, they actually WON something, but a record is a record. Bobby's with us for one more year and to be honest I'm happy about that, considering what else is out there.

Oh and the economy may not be what you want, but if you are able to spend time reading this, then life must be pretty darn good. You've got time to waste and at least $20 you don't need.

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