Monday, September 15, 2008

QBs & Playcalling Cost 2 Atlanta Teams Victories This Weekend


Georgia Tech and their triple option were very frustrating to watch.  With only 8 passing attempts in an entire game you have to wonder for all the coching prowess that Johnson has, surely he's not dense enough to see the wide gaping hole in his offiense.   I'd be putting 9 in the box againt Tech too if I was on defense.  What's really sad is that at the end of the day, the Jackets lose because they can't protect the football. 


Well, it was going to happen this year, but I wasn't sure when.  A loss can be placed squarely on Ryan's shoulders.  There's nothing good about a loss, except that the Falcons hung in there. Penalties were atrocious and for the second week in a row, I'm left scratching my head on some of the play calling.

Week 1:  A little over a minute left, 3 pass plays called, Lions get the ball back and score. 
Week 2:  1st and Goal, QB Draw?! Are you kidding me.  With Vick maybe, but this is NEVER a good call. 

Can someone explain to me why we have Ryan throwing 33 times after what Turner did last week?  Turner had 14 attempts and he's a bruiser.  Keep running him then change the speed. 

I'd almost wish the Jackets and the Falcons would swap play callers. 

On the bright side, Jonathan Babineaux played well. 

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